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"The arts celebrate all aspects of our lives. They serve to enlighten us and broaden our horizons. The arts inform our perspective, cultivate cultural and personal expression, and expand our capacity for empathy and compassion. In short, they teach us about life.”

~ Stephen Snow

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I am a communications professional with 20 years of experience and expertise across a spectrum of technologies and platforms. A former Apple Trainer, my expertise includes a wide variety of software programs, and CRM systems. If you need a skilled media artist and storyteller, look no further.

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Web Design

I primarily work in WordPress, but work in Joomla! and other applications when requested. In designing, I listen to your vision and work from there — no guesses, no surprises. Whether a one-page brochure site, or full-blown eCommerce site, I can help you realize your vision.

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Video Production

With 16 years of video/film experience I have served many areas of production, from cinematographer, to DIT, to editor. A true storyteller, I am experienced in Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci, Final Cut Studio 7. My short film FALL TO THE SON won awards.

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Theatre & Venue Management

If you’ve ever watched the faces in an audience from backstage just before the curtain opens and stage lights come you know the joy of working in the arts. I am a producing arts manager and respected talent curator known for diverse, relevant programming.

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Lots of people don’t like to write. Some hate it. I earned my degree from Columbia University’s Writing Program, so I love to write! I also love to help, so give me a shout if you can use a hand!

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Tutoring & Troubleshooting

I teach humans of all ages! From film editing software to the MS Office, I have been tutoring since 2006. I can also troubleshoot software, hardware and network issues.

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Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. ~ Weil


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"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
~George Bernard Shaw